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Evaluating Bicubic Bézier Surfaces using (Py)OpenCL

GitHub Repository here

I’ve been meaning to get into OpenCL for a while, so I thought I would write a simple program which would evaluate Bicubic Bezier patches (surfaces) in parallel.
I also wanted to program in Python more, so I decided to use PyOpenCL. You can find more info about the OpenCL implementation in Python from the link.

I am not going to go over what a Bezier patch is and how it can be evaluated. There is a straightforward equation for evaluating one which I will be showing later on, but for more info about Bezier patches you can find other info online.

Let’s begin.



Microsoft SDK PN-Triangles on Nvidia GTX 480 (Fermi)

We just got a Nvidia GTX 480 in our lab. Apparently the PN Triangles example included in the Microsoft DirectX 11 SDK does not work properly, giving an “OUT OF MEMORY” error when run. (insert image)

Here I will post a modification of the code which allows it to run on Fermi